ignite is for financial advisers in New Zealand.

We exist to help our members do what they do best.

Compliance and Regulation





Within this we provide support to members with a variety of resources, information and advice specific to the New Zealand financial landscape.

For compliance, our most important area of focus, we ensure our member’s processes are always up to par and abide by the Law of New Zealand.

Underpinning everything we do is a deep knowledge and practical application of best practices, genuine support and camaraderie.

We promote a culture of ethical behaviour, mutual trust, values and friendship between members.

Who We Are.

ignite serves financial advisers operating individually as a non-aligned independent advisory business.

As a cooperative entity we’re defined and driven by our members.

Our membership package includes the following:

Compliance and Regulation

Compliance and regulation is the cornerstone of every financial adviser's operations. Our members can’t do what they do without exercising due diligence.

At ignite we ensure legal obligations and commitments are up to date through audits and professional support.

Every member receives an updated Policy and Procedure Manual. This includes all relevant information about the current requirements and regulations for advisers.

We also regularly conduct Best Practice Business/Advice Audits and this is a requirement for all members.

Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Audits are also completed for adviser businesses who are required to complete them

Professional Development

In addition we provide top class support in all areas of compliance under the new rules in the Code of Professional Conduct and adviser duties included in the Financial Markets Conduct Act.

Our membership package also includes professional development to help financial advisers develop their practice and offerings.

All members receive access to: training days, webinars, conferences and outsourced compliance expertise.

Business Development

Our business development assistance comprises of both technical tools and skills advancement.

All members receive access to: templates, tools, customer relationship management (CRM) support, training days and business planning.


At ignite we promote a culture of integrity and collaboration between members and in the financial advisory community as a whole.

We’ve seen the benefits that come from sharing expertise and experience between peers when it comes to both compliance and regulation, and professional and business development.

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